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Salute to My University Nov 25, 2019 
Life Depends On Diligence. No Pursuit, No Gain. Nov 25, 2019 
The “Campus Tour of Northeast China for French Higher Education” was Held i... Nov 24, 2019 
Students of JISU win Third Prize in the First Indonesian Oral Contest of Chin... Nov 24, 2019 
JISU Establishes a School of International Art Nov 22, 2019 
JISU’s Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Jilin Agricultural University Nov 22, 2019 
JISU holds the 10th Annual Intercollegiate Model United Nations Conference Nov 21, 2019 
The 4th Chinese Poetry Reading and Appreciation Competition Held at the Schoo... Nov 19, 2019 
JISU Students Wins First Prize in the First German Dubbing Competition of Jil... Nov 15, 2019 
JISU Students Participate in the 25th Annual Ceremony of Friendly Exchanges b... Nov 13, 2019 
Four Courses at JISU Have Been Approved as Provincial Level “Top Undergradua... Nov 13, 2019 
Students of JISU Were Titled “Stars of Innovation and Entrepreneurship”of C... Nov 13, 2019 
JISU Joined the 70th Anniversary Forum of China Translation & the 2019 Annual... Nov 12, 2019 
JISU Holds its Seventh Annual Aerobics Competition Nov 11, 2019 
JISU won the Gold Medal in the 6th “Youth Creation” Youth Innovation and En... Nov 9, 2019 
JISU Student Wins Second Prize in the 2nd Chinese-Arabic Literature Translati... Nov 4, 2019 
JISU Becomes one of the First International Students Training Institutes to q... Nov 2, 2019 
JISU’s Women’s Volleyball Team Successfully Defended the Title of 2019 Univ... Oct 28, 2019 
Ambassador Forum: Ren Xiaoping Gives a Lecture on “Diplomatic Experience of ... Oct 28, 2019 
The Employment Fair for Foreign Language and Foreign Trade Graduates of Colle... Oct 28, 2019 
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