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Undergraduate Programs

Jilin  International Studies University (JISU) boasts 12 schools, namely School of Translation and Interpreting, School of English, School of Western Languages, School of Oriental Languages, School of Economics and International Trade, School of International Business Administration, School of Chinese, School of Education, School of General Education, School of English, School of International Exchanges and School of Marxism, with 34 undergraduate programs, and 15 foreign language majors, falling into five categories of liberal arts, economics, management, education and arts. Currently there are 9903 full-time undergraduate students on campus.

JISU is to cultivate foreign language talents with a strong sense of patriotism and broad international vision. With a solid foundation they have laid at college, the graduates can excel in one or two languages with strong abilities in listening and speaking, as well as with good etiquette, comprehensive knowledge and whole-person characteristics. The University adheres to the Party's and the state's educational policy in terms of personnel training objectives and specifications, sticks to the outlook of scientific development, keeps in line with non-profit ideology in school running, and always complies with the school-running concept of “All is to make students talented, useful and successful” and "Moral education first". Aiming at serving the local economy and social development, the university advances through educational reforms and teaching has always been the center of university work. To follow the educational law, the university education is centered on students’ ability training, e.g. learning strategies, hands-on ability, and innovative capacity, etc.


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