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 Excellent Teachers 
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The University currently has 601 teachers, of whom 556 are full-time and 45 part-time. Among the full-time teachers, 288 are professors and associate professors (accounting for 51.8% of the total), 111 with doctoral degrees (accounting for 20.0%) and 371 with master's degrees (66.7%). 8 are recipients of the State Council special allowances, 16 of Jilin Senior Experts, 16 with the title of either Changbai Mountain Scholar Lecture Professors, or Changbai Mountain Skills Masters, or Young & Middle-aged Professional and Technical Talents with Outstanding Contributions, or Top-notch Innovative Talents in Jilin Province. 6 are excellent teachers of Jilin Province, 17 Doctoral supervisors, 1 Jilin Province New Century Humanities and Social Sciences Outstanding Talent, 1 Young Excellent Teacher of Jilin Province, and 11 Provincial Excellent Teaching Teams.




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