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Profile of Jilin International Studies University

Jilin International Studies University (JISU) was founded in 1995. Over the past 20 years, with the strong support of Party committees, governments and all sectors of society at all levels, the university has been developing rapidly and has achieved remarkable results. It has made many accomplishments in being the first and only in China. The University was approved by the Ministry of Education as a private teaching organization to offer four-year undergraduate programs in 2003 and obtained the authorization to confer bachelor's degrees and began to run joint master's degree programs in 2005. In 2007 JISU became the first and only private university in China at the provincial key university level. In 2010, it became the only university for a pilot study on the national reform of education system "Exploring Non-profit Private Education in China". In 2011, approved by the Academic Degree Committee of the State Council, JISU was among the first batch of private colleges and universities to offer graduate professional degree programs. In 2015, it became the first Chinese private university to set up Confucius Institute in the United States. In 2016, it was the only private university in China selected as the "National Basic Capacity Building Project for Universities in Central and Western China" and in 2017 it became the only private university in China as a qualified teaching institution to offer programs to overseas students on "the Chinese Government Scholarship". In the same year, it successfully passed the examination and evaluation of the Ministry of Education, and was approved by Jilin Academic Degree Committee to plan for and set up a doctoral program. In 2018, it was approved by the Academic Degree Committee of the State Council as the first private university in China to award master's degree and with the approval of the Ministry of Education; and in the same year it was renamed as Jilin International Studies University, which is the first among private universities in China.

The university has now become a demonstration base for the reform of the national private higher education system, a training base for high-quality foreign language talents in Jilin Province, a world multilingual cultural education center with the most languages and distinctive features in Northeast China, and a cradle for Jilin Province to cultivate "multilingual translators +" talents and innovative postgraduate talents.

JISU currently houses over 10,000 students, including full-time undergraduates, postgraduates and overseas students. There are over 800 staff members, including 50 foreign teachers. JISU boasts 12 teaching units, namely School of Translation and Interpreting, School of English, School of Oriental Languages, School of Western Languages, School of Central-Eastern European Languages, School of International Economics and Trade, School of International Business Administration, School of Chinese Language and Literature, School of Education, School of International Exchanges, School of General Education, School of Marxism, offering classes in 13 foreign languages (i.e. English, Japanese, German, French, Korean, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Arabic, Mongolian, Indonesian, and Persian). There are 34 undergraduate majors of five disciplinary areas, Chinese, Economics, Management, Education and Art. There are 5 authorized units to confer master degrees, namely Translation, Education, Chinese International Education, International Business, and Accounting and one Accreditation Point for Master's Degrees in First-Class Disciplines—Pedagogy, covering 20 professional fields in which MTI covers nine languages, including English, Japanese, Russian, Korean, German, French, Western, Arabic and Italian.

The University has followed four cross-disciplinary training models: "Language Major", "Major+ language", "Bilingual Languages " and "Language Minor+ Language Major + Major". The University has national-level programs, an experimental unit for national reform, a National Practical Teaching Demo-center, a National University Students' Off-campus Practice Base and has won a National Teaching Achievement Award. The school boasts six Jilin Province brand majors, accounting for one-third of the total number of all majors, and 2 provincial-level key disciplines. We have 5 research platforms, including Collaborative Innovation Center, Think Tank of Institutions of Higher Education, Provincial Humanities and Social Sciences Research Base, 4 Provincial Talent Training Model Innovation Experimental Areas, 3 provincial experimental teaching demonstration centers, 10 provincial outstanding teaching teams, 6 provincial famous teachers, 19 provincial top-quality courses, one Changbai Mountain Project Visiting Scholar and 31 excellent courses at the provincial level.

    The University is equipped with excellent teaching facilities and has a large-scale comprehensive language practice teaching base, the Global Village. In 2013, the Global Village was designated by the MOE as a national experimental Teaching demo-center and by UNESCO as the World Multicultural Education Center. The University boasts simultaneous interpretation conference halls, digital voice labs, digital recording rooms, a professional simulation laboratory, an automation laboratory, computer labs, multimedia classrooms, university students’ entrepreneurship parks, multi-functional lecture halls and well-facilitated sports grounds, gymnasium, indoor swimming pool and other educational and sports facilities. The University library owns 2.146 million paper and electronic books, 390 Chinese and foreign paper periodicals  and over 28,104 electronic periodicals.

As early as the beginning of running a school, the idea of running a school for public welfare was written into the school charter, and all the school income was used to develop education, in order to realize the dream of building a century-old famous university. In 2013, the university launched the National Union of Non-profit Private Colleges and Universities, and was elected as the chairman.

JISU has been adhering to the university mission “all is for students to be integrated, talented and successful, making JISU a bridge between Chinese and Western cultures and a bridge for Chinese students to go to the world”, and striving to provide students with the most reliable, responsible and quality education. Under the guidance of the conception that education should live up to parents’ trust, students’ time, social attention and educators’ conscience, JISU insists on meeting market needs with a focus on feature- and brand-building, training students’ practical capabilities and strengthening management to keep high quality school-running. Since its founding, JISU has cultivated more than 20,000 graduates. Employers speak highly of our graduates for their “excellent moral character, good etiquette, solid basic skills, dedication to work, and strong team spirit”. The employment rate of graduates has always remained above 96%, 85% of the graduates are working in fields related to their majors, and a group of outstanding alumni have become excellent translators and interpreters.

The University actively promotes internationalization, and has been cooperating with 120 universities and educational institutions in 20 countries and regions. JISU launched a joint education program through the Confucius Institute with the New Jersey City University. The University also cooperates with the University of Applied Languages in Munich, Germany to implement joint education in German. The University has obtained admission qualifications to enroll international students on the Chinese Government Scholarship, Jilin Province Government Foreign Student Scholarship, and Confucius Institute Scholarship. Each year, more than 800 students are sent abroad. At present, the University receives about 300 international students each year. More than 80 long-term and short-term foreign experts and teachers teach in JISU, including Marie-Josée de Saint Robert at the United Nations Headquarters in Geneva, Ivan Djoken Dzomo, President of the United States Federation of UNESCO, Professor Hannelore Lee-Jahnke, Honorary President of the CIUTI, and Professor Martin Forstner, Secretary-General of CIUTI, etc. More than 30 Chinese and foreign ambassadors have come to the school to give lectures. The school has joined the strategic alliance of the "Belt and Road" Initiative, and has established the "Belt and Road" Cultural and Language Collaboration and Innovation Center. JISU has successfully held large-scale international conferences such as the Asia-Europe Education Forum and the Presidents' Forum of Chinese and Foreign Universities. Each year, the International Culture and Art Festival is held to train foreign language talents with global vision and intercultural communicative competence.

We have always been committed to running a high-level private foreign language university. JISU boasts a high-quality and high-level teaching staff, with 77.4% postgraduate teachers, 23.1% doctoral teachers and 55% with senior professional titles, including 25 doctoral tutors. The university boasts national characteristic specialty, pilot specialty of national comprehensive reform, national experimental teaching demonstration center, National College Students' off-campus practice base, national excellent courses, national excellent teaching achievement award and other national-level achievements. The comprehensive evaluation of English undergraduate majors ranks first among the newly established undergraduate colleges and universities in Jilin Province. In 2018, foreign language and literature and pedagogy were rated as high-level disciplines in Jilin Province. English, Japanese, translation, international economics and trade, and Italian were rated as high-level disciplines in Jilin Province. The university is maintained at a scientific scale with strong specialization. The quality of students ranks first in local private colleges and universities. In the past three years, students have won more than 600 awards in various disciplinary and professional competitions, such as the National Champion of Chinese University Korean-Speaking Competition, the National Champion of the “Italian Bridge” Competition, the first prize of the National College English Competition of English professional group, and gold medal in Jilin Province, the national bronze medal in the 2nd and 4th China Internet + College Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, the first prize in the Northeast Regional Final of the Cross-straits Interpretation Competition, and first prize of the national undergraduate computer design contest. Our students have won the first place in Jilin in the National English Interpretation Competition of "Chinese Interpretation Cup" for six consecutive years. JISU students have also achievement excellent performance in the 10th Multilingual National Interpretation Competition, the National Business English Practice Competition, the National English Writing Competition and the 10th Japanese Speech Debate Competition for Chinese College Students and Graduate Students. JISU attaches great importance to physical education, which runs through the whole undergraduate years, implements the "three autonomies" of physical education course selection (autonomous choice of activity time, activity items, and teachers), and explores the formation of integrated physical education club teaching mode in and out of class. In the past three years, the excellence rate of students' physical fitness test results is more than 90%. In 2013, 2015 and 2017, the university ranked first in the total score of Changchun University Students' Track and Field Games won First Prize in Jilin Province Taijiquan Competition, Group First in Jilin Province Students' Swimming Championship. JISU Women's Volleyball Team and Women's Basketball Team won the first place in Jilin University Students' Basketball, Volleyball Competition and Jilin University of China in 2018. Students won the first prize for men and the second prize for women in the 2nd National College Students Winter Cross-Country Skiing Competition. In 2019, JISU student Yang Zhanfei was selected as a member of the delegation of Chinese university students to participate in the cross-country skiing competition of the 29th World University Winter Games. JISU student volunteers have won wide acclaim from all walks of life because of their extraordinary performance in large international events such as Beijing Olympic Games, Shanghai World Expo, Asian Winter Games and Northeast Asia Expo. More than 500 volunteers participated in the shooting of the "Beijing 8 Minutes" promotional film at the closing ceremony of the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games, and 112 volunteers performed at the 2019 CCTV Spring Festival Gala at Changchun, showing the world with their practical action the good spiritual outlook of Chinese College students.

The University has received loving care and praise from leaders at all levels. The former vice-chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress Peng Peiyun, Gu Xiulian, Yan Junqi and former Ministers of Education, Zhou Ji, Yuan Guiren, and Chen Baosheng, and Secretary of Provincial Party Committee of Jilin Province Bayin Chaolu and other state and provincial leaders have successively visited JISU on their inspection tours. The MOE Committee of the Undergraduate Program Accreditation said, “JISU is a high-level private university that has been sticking to its principles with great perseverance. It is the banner of the national private universities.” The MOE Committee of the Undergraduate Teaching Audit and Accreditation commented, “JISU is a high-level private university with passion, responsibility, contribution, distinctive features and a promising future. It is undoubtedly the banner of the national private universities.”

JISU enjoys a good social reputation and has been awarded the titles of "Top 20 of China's Private Universities in Comprehensive Strength ", "Top 10 Honest Private Universities in China", "Top 20 of China's Private Universities in Education and Teaching Quality ", "Top 50 Universities with Typical Employment Experiences for Graduates" and so on. Among the top 10 private universities in China published by the Alumni Association Network, it has been ranking first in the list of Chinese language private universities and the list of comprehensive strength of private universities in Northeast China.

       At present, the University is striving to implement a development strategy in expanding features, ensuring quality and widening internationalization in order to build the University into a multi-lingual, multi-disciplinary, and multi-level first-class non-profit private university, focused on foreign languages teaching and coordinated by other disciplines, such as Chinese language and literature, economics, management, education and art and finally into a prominent century-old university of foreign languages that boasts several educational concentrations in China and shares certain international fames in democratization, legalization and internationalization.          

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