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International Student Education:

Since its establishment in 1995, Huaqiao has been adhering to the international development strategy and has been engaged in international exchanges and cooperation focusing on cultivating talents with an international vision. Over the years, the school has been cooperating with over 120 universities in more than 20 countries and regions to carry out long-term and short-term cooperative exchanges. Currently, the school boasts 39 long-term and 42 short-term exchange programs (including summer schools) receiving around 1,000 students from more than ten countries in Asia, Europe, the United States and Africa, such as Russia and South Korea, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Portugal, Spain, Cameroon, Nigeria, Mongolia, and Yemen.

The University offers long-term, short-term, and weekend Chinese courses for international students, as well as summer and winter cultural experience classes, advanced Chinese graduate courses, spoken Chinese classes for experts, along with other foreign students’ education projects. According to the Chinese levels of foreign students, the University offers primary, intermediate and advanced language classes, varying from mandatory courses such as Integrative Chinese, Spoken Chinese, Chinese Listening, Chinese Reading and Chinese Character Writing, to optional courses such as Mandarin Reading, Advanced Oral Chinese, Business Chinese, Chinese Culture, Taijiquan (Shadow Boxing), Paper-cutting, Calligraphy, Bawu, Tai Chi Fan and so on. The school also holds Chinese cultural activities for all types of overseas students, such as Chinese Cultural Classes and Chinese Corner Activities, which have effectively facilitated the combination of in-class learning and off-class experiencing, in-class teaching and one-to-one tutoring, in-class cognition developing and after-class language communicating, and language ability improving and cultural awareness raising.

Graduate students with academic qualifications can apply for the Jilin Provincial Government Scholarship, and Confucius Institute students can apply for the Confucius Institute Scholarship. Both language and academic students can apply for Huaqiao Scholarship and Excellent Student Scholarship.

The University upholds the idea that "Teach you Chinese, and make you feel at home" and welcomes friends from all over the world to Huaqiao to enjoy the pleasure of communicating in Chinese and enjoy the unique and pleasant charm of our culture.


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