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Campus Culture

University Motto:

Cultivate expertise in both Chinese and other cultures and inspire aspiration in talent training


University Spirit:

 Vision, Pragmatism, Perfection

Teaching Principles:

Dedication, care, knowledge, and effectiveness


Learning Disciplines:

Self-determinationSelf-discipline, TruthfulnessImprovement


School Running Mode:

Following the non-profit school-running mode for public good, JISU is committed to honor the trust of parents, the time of students, the attention of the society and the conscience of educators.

School Running Goals:

To nurture upright, talented, and successful international citizens who know both Chinese culture and other cultures of the world.

Working Ethics:

Accomplishments come from minute details.

Be simple and practical

Be meticulous, strive for the better and pay attention to details.

JISU Spirit:

Altruism: lifetime pursuit of public interest.

Dynamism: frontier spirit of steadfast exploration.

Enthusiasm: passionate epistemology of pragmatism and accuracy.

Pluralism: inclusive sociality of national and international progress.

University Logo

The University Anthem


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