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The 7th Jilin Province "Jiren Dream Cup" Held in JISU
Nov 22, 2021 03:53 PM   Press Center

Press Center, Recruitment and Employment Office, School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

On November 20th, 2021, the final of the 7th Jilin Province Jiren Dream Cup-- College StudentsEmployment and Entrepreneurship Competition was held in JISU.

The competition aims to further implement the CPC Central Committee and the State Councils policy of keeping employment stableand ensuring security in jobs. It also seeks to implement General Secretary Xi Jinpings important instruction of speech in Jilin, and Secretary Jing Junhais report on Jilins Revitalization and Development in the New Era -- Start a Business with You, Employment in Jilin. It also aims to create a strong atmosphere for graduates to find jobs, take root in Jilin, and contribute to its development. Efforts are made to gather outstanding talents for the all-around revitalization of Jilin in the new era.

The competition is sponsored by the Employment Guidance Center on College Graduates of Jilin Province and undertaken by JISU. With the theme of Start a Business with You, Employment in Jilin, the competition aims to stimulate the potential of college students, improve their employment and entrepreneurship ability, cultivate their hometown feelings, and realize the goal of Dedicate Your Love and Concern to Jilin and Finally Contribute to It by Taking Root Here. It highlights six characteristics of growth, nativeness, practicality, innovation, sustainability, and continuous success. The competition sets up two practice groups of Employment and Entrepreneurship, attracting more than 20,000 students from colleges and universities in Jilin Province to participate. In the end, 33 contestants of 25 teams successfully qualified for the provincial final.

In accordance with the requirements of regular epidemic prevention and control, the final was held online. The Employment Practice Group tested the professional quality and ability of the contestants through the three stages of Talent Show, Workplace Observation, and Pressure Interview. The Entrepreneurial Group tested studentsinnovative consciousness and entrepreneurial ability through the program display and on-site defense.

During the competition, I Speak for Jilin Special Agricultural Productsand I Speak for Jilin Rural Revitalizationfully reflected the studentslove for Jilin and their determination to participate in their hometown construction. The internship practice in the workplace, the investigation and research in the market, and the wonderful display of entrepreneurial projects inspired the college studentsyouthful ideal and responsibility to be down-to-earth, start their own business, and work hard.

Yu Hui, a senior student majoring in Chinese Language and Literature at the School of International Communication from the Employment Practice Group, said, This competition provides important guidance for my job hunting. From the preparation for the competition to the internship and from the teacherspre-competition guidance to the competition, I have accumulated more employment experience. So, I have become more confident to deal with the challenges in the workplace.Wen Siyi, a junior majoring in International Business Management of the School of International Business, led her team, theFertile Farmland with Black Soilto participate in the Entrepreneurship Practice Group. She said, The school has equipped our team with professional instructors who guided our entrepreneurial project in the whole process and led us to Huajiao Township, Huadian County, Jilin City, Jilin Province for field investigation and research to ensure the project can be implemented. The whole competition is also a beneficial process for us to improve our personal ability, enhance team cohesion, stimulate entrepreneurial enthusiasm, and experience entrepreneurial charm. I hope our team can achieve the purpose of black soil makes Jilin better in the new era, and fertile farmland makes organic agricultural products better, promote high-quality Jilin organic rice to the whole country, as well as contribute a youthful power to agricultural support and rural development in Jilin.

After fierce competition, 4 students of JISU won prizes in the Employment Practice Group. Among them, Yu Hui won the first prize, Sun Hongwei, Ding Nan and Zhang Jiaming won the second prize. Two teams won prizes in the Entrepreneurship Practice Group, among which, Wen Siyis Fertile Farmland with Black Soilteam won the first prize, and Shang Cans Take Root in Jilinteam won the second prize. JISU won the Excellent Organization Award.

As a strong education province with rich educational resources and high-quality talent reserve, Jilin Province has been delivering a lot of fresh blood for society and country, to support the revitalization of Jilin Province. Participating students have said, Dreams are colorful because they are gorgeous, firm because they are persistent, and full of strength because of hard work! We must dedicate love and concern to Jilin and finally contribute to it by taking root here. Together, we can write a magnificent chapter of Jilins revitalization and development in the new era!

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