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JISU Students Celebrate the 100th Anniversary of CPC
Nov 16, 2021 12:26 PM   School Communist Youth League

The drama, “Spirit of Red Rock”, was held in the lecture hall of Shiqiao Building in the afternoon of July 1st to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China in 1921. In order to guide the young students of JISU to strengthen their faith and draw strength from the study of the history of the CPC. This activity was sponsored by the JISU Youth League Committee and was undertaken by the Students’ Art Troupe of JISU. Nearly one thousand teachers and students of JISU come to watch the performance.

Adapted from the opera “Sister Jiang”, “Spirit of Red Rock” tells a touching story of Sister Jiang, the protagonist, who showed no fear in the face of the enemy when she was captured. Despite being tortured, she still believed that the CPC’s revolution would achieve success. Sadly, she died on the eve of the liberation of Chongqing. The performance lasted 70 minutes and was performed by nearly 50 students who were passionate in expressing the heroism and patriotism of revolutionaries with exquisite acting. At the end of the performance, Sister Jiang died bravely. When the theme song “A Praise to Red Plum” sound, teachers and students couldn’t help shedding tears, and then all stoop up, applauding to salute the heroine.


        “This is a lively and profound lesson for patriotism, which inspires young students to develop themselves into model talents and take on the responsibility of the nation with great ambitions and good moral characters. It is a good way for students to draw strength from the history of the CPC,” said a teacher in the auditorium.

“As college students in the new era, we will carry forward the Party’s spirit of hard struggle, inherit the brave spirit of the revolutionaries, stand firm in support of our political beliefs, sustain our revolutionary legacy, and shoulder the responsibility of history. We will be devoted to the development of China and the people’s well-being,” said the students.



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