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JISU Holds the 7th Shakespearean Play Competition
Nov 16, 2021 12:21 PM   School of English Studies

School of English

         JISU holds the 7th Shakespearean play competition of the 15th International Culture and Arts Festival the theme was “Recall of the World Classics” during the afternoon of June 6th in the conference hall of Shiqiao Building. Judges of this competition were: Shi Feng, director of the Opera Association of Jilin Province; Zhao Yisheng, young teacher of School of Jilin Opera of Jilin University of Arts; Wang Xuan, young teacher of the Jilin University of Arts; and Shi Yinliang, Deputy Director of School of Business English in JISU.

The competition was sponsored by the School Youth League Committee and organized by the Student Union of the School of English, who aimed to enhance students’ innovative consciousness and enterprising spirit, improve their language expression skills and teamwork abilities, and stimulate their interest in foreign language learning. By providing a stage for students to display their professional learning achievements and artistic style.

During the competition, students from the School of International Business Administration performed Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet in Chinese. Students from the School of Central-Eastern European Languages performed Chekhov’s The Cherry Orchard in Russian. Students from the School of Western Language created and performed Journey to the West: Monkey Subdues White-Skeleton Demon. Finally, the students from the School of Oriental Language performed 84, Charing Cross Road, which made the classics radiate with the color of youth. Aftershock, performed by School of International Economics and Trade, revived a dusty memory. Students from School of English performed Macbeth in English, reinterpreting Shakespeare’s classic work.

After a review, the best actor and actress respectively to go Nie Zesen from the School of English and Zhang Nuo from the School of International Economics and Trade. The School of Oriental Languages won first prize, followed by the School of English and School of International Business Administration. The School of Education, School of International Business Administration, School of Central-Eastern European Languages and School of Western Languages finished third.


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