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JISU Approved 2021 NSSF and Excellent Doctoral Dissertation Publishing Project
Nov 3, 2021 11:59 AM  

Office of Academic Research

Recently, the National Office of Philosophy and Social Sciences released the list of projects funded by National Social Science Foundation (NSSF) of China in 2021. Keats’s Anxiety and Transcendence in the Construction of Individual Identity, applied by Professor Cui Dan, Dean of JISU’s International Language and Culture Research Institute was approved. This project is the second funding project in JISU. This year, 1124 projects were approved, among which there were 16 projects in Jilin Province and only 9 in private universities.

This project focuses on subsidizing the excellent academic achievements research in philosophy and social sciences that are basically completed but haven’t been published. This mainly includes academic monographs and a small number of compilations and reference books of high academic values. This project aims to encourage the workers in philosophy and social sciences to create a positive academic atmosphere, devote themselves to doing scholarly research and endeavor to strive to launch excellent works with the value of academic inheritance and innovation.  

This approval is conducive to accelerating the research of philosophy and social sciences in JISU, enhancing the comprehensive strength of scientific research, promoting the discipline building of the foreign language and literature, and building a hub for scientific research.

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