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Founded in 2017, the School of Marxism is mainly responsible for teaching compulsory and elective courses in ideological and political theory for graduates and undergraduates. Over the years, the ideological and political education has been included throughout the whole process of education. The School of Marxism continuously deepens the reform of ideological and political education by exploring new approaches to teaching and has achieved a series of teaching achievements. The feature course "College Students' Development Education," which reflects the school's "Moral Education-led" education concept, was rated as the seventh batch of "Quality Video Open Course" in the country. "Ideological and Moral Cultivation and Legal Basis" was rated as a provincial-level quality course, "An Introduction to Mao Zedong Thought and the Theory System of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics" was rated as a provincial-level excellent course, and the "Outline of Modern and Contemporary Chinese History" was rated as a school-level quality course. In recent years, the school has won 18 awards for teaching achievement at the provincial level and above; the school instructed the students to teach ideological and political courses by themselves, which has won the provincial third prize for two consecutive times.

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