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The Opening Ceremony of the Joint Doctoral Program between JISU and NJCU was held online
May 25, 2021 09:30 AM   International Exchange Office 审核人:

At 6p.m. on May 24th, the opening ceremony of the joint doctoral program between Jilin International Studies University (JISU) and New Jersey City University (NJCU) was held online. President Qin He of JISU and President Sue Henderson of NJCU attended the ceremony and delivered speeches. The opening ceremony opened a new phase of in-depth cooperation between JISU and NJCU, and accelerated the pace of our school's training of international talents.


President Qin He delivered a speech at the opening ceremony.

President Qin He delivered a speech to congratulate all the students. She hopes that all students will maintain a scientific and rigorous academic attitude, broaden their horizons, have the courage to take on the important task of high-quality and characteristic development of JISU, and make positive contributions to deepening the friendship between the two universities and the Sino-US friendship. She looks forward to the fruitful results of the cooperation between the two universities again.

Sue Henderson, President of NJCU, delivered a speech, congratulating the opening of the joint doctoral program between the two universities and thanking those who worked hard for this program. She said that the cooperation between the two universities is strong and close, and it will last longer. She thanked President Qin He and JISU for their long-term support for the exchanges and cooperation between the two universities.

Online Opening Ceremony of A Joint-training Doctoral Class

Between JISU in China and NJCU in America

The opening ceremony was presided over by Dr. Zieger, Chairperson of Educational Technology Department. Provost Jhashi, Dean Woo and Tamara Cunningham, assistant to the president and director of the Global Initiative Office at NJCU, respectively introduced the overall plan and progress of the program. Dong Guangcai, director of International Exchange and Cooperation Office at JISU, Song Dandan, deputy director of International Exchange and Cooperation Office at JISU, faculty of Educational Technology Department at NJCU, and all the 13 students of the doctoral program attended the ceremony.

After the ceremony, the doctoral program officially started. The major of this doctoral program is educational technology leadership, with the goal of cultivating educational technology leaders with academic ability, creativity and innovation. This program will last 9 semesters, with a total of 19 courses and 60 credits, mainly using a hybrid teaching mode.

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