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The 2021 JISU Spring Job Fair
May 28, 2021 10:09 AM   审核人:

Source: Admissions and Employment Office

On the afternoon of May 28th, “Thousands of Universities and Posts in Jilin”, the 2021 Spring Two-Way Activity-JISU Exclusive Job Fair for Graduates of Foreign Languages and Foreign Trade Majors supervised by the Communist Youth League of Jilin Province, was held in the gym of the university.

Minister Cao Xiaoxi and Wu Qiang of the Market Development Department of the Employment Guidance Center on College Graduates of Jilin Province, and Wu Qiang, attended the job fair.

One of the Graduates Is Participating In An Interview on the Scene.

One of the Graduates Is Communicating with One of the Employers.

Graduates Are Receiving On-The-Spot Interviews.

One hundred and twelve companies from 12 different provinces and cities around China were welcomed by JISU to provide more than 8,000 jobs for its graduates. These posts cover both foreign languages and non-foreign languages majors. The former involves English, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Italian, and Arabic while the latter consists of Chinese Language and Literature, Economics, Management, and Pedagogy.

To make a full implementation of Secretary Jing Junhai’s report on the spirit of facilitating Jilin’s revitalization and development in the new era with the topic of “Start A Business, Start with You, and Start from Jilin”, JISU invited 56 local enterprises to participate in the job fair to make full efforts to promote the project “Encouraging Graduates in Jilin’s Universities and Colleges to Stay in Jilin for Their Whole Lives to Revitalize Jilin in the Long Term”. In response to this report, JISU established a face-to-face platform of exchange between employers in Jilin Province and employees for these students to choose, root into, and build Jilin Province.

In order to make full use of the critical period and sprint period of graduates to apply for appropriate jobs for themselves, JISU launched the activity “Employment Service Month” in May. In the face of issues during the employment period, JISU’s leaders and heads of Admissions and Employment Office carried out 10 employment seminars in all schools for targeted strategies to push forward these schools to perform well in the employment of graduates. It also made the organization of 29 corporate presentation activities. JISU conducted three large-scale two-way job-matching meetings online and offline with 23,521 jobs. Over 150 talks were held on staying in Jilin Province for employment theme classes, typical interviews of employment representatives, and graduates exchanges. Finally, JISU also offered assistance for more than 800 graduates to allow them to graduate smoothly and find ideal jobs earlier by “one-for-one guidance”.

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