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JISU Students Win the Second Prize of the 11th National University Students Market Research and Analysis Competition
May 6, 2021 11:18 AM   School of International Busine 审核人:

The “CP Cup” (Sponsored by the CP Group), the Jilin Province 11th National University Students Market Research and Analysis Competition recently came to an end. Under the guidance of teachers Liu Xinzhu, Jiang Liyuan, and Li Yanyu from the International School of Business, the “Houlai Zhaguo" (meaning: the later comers surpass the the early starters) team, including Yang Dehao, He Tian, Li Kaige, Dong Junfu (class 1801, majoring in Economics), and Zhang Limeng (class 1801, majoring in International Enterprise Management) won the second place in Jilin Province and successfully advanced to the Final.

JISU Students for the Competition

As an important discipline competition with the active participation of college teachers and students and the high cross-strait connection, the National University Students Market Research and Analysis Competition has been enlisted among the ranking list of discipline competitions in colleges and universities of the Ministry of Education. The competition is jointly sponsored by the National Statistics Education Steering Committee and Advisory Committee of Foreign Language Teaching in Vocational Education, the Ministry of Education, and undertaken by the School of Statistics of Jilin University of Finance and Economics. Since it was launched in September, 2020, more than 120,000 undergraduates, junior college students, and graduate students from 863 institutions have signed up for the competition. 2,232 students from 19 different universities, including Jilin University, Northeast Normal University, and Jilin Foreign Studies University, participated in the competitions. After the selection of each university, 80 teams entered the final in the Jilin competition area.

The International School of Business of JISU attached great importance to the competition. Under the guidance of 8 teachers, 7 out of 10 teams with a total of 50 undergraduate students entered the Final of Jilin Province. After fierce competition, 3 out of 7 teams eventually entered the top 10 in Jilin Province. Apart from the “Houlai Zhaguo” team, guided by teachers Zhang Hengsen and Jiang Liyuan, “Qing Mu Yang” group comprised of five E-commerce students (class 1902) WangDi, Zhang Hui, Zeng Jing, Yang Peng, and Sun Qijia, ranked eighth in Jilin Province. Under the instruction of teachers Liu Xinzhu, Xue Xue, and Wang Haiyan, the “Chongai Youjia” team made up of three Economics students (class 1801) Yang Xu, Wang Zixu, and Zhao Duan Zexi as well as two E-commerce students (class 1902) Li Jiaxin and Liu Wei, ranked ninth in Jilin Province.

Question and Answer Session by “Houlai Zhaguo” Team Members

Question and Answer Session by “Qing Mu Yang” Team Members

Question and Answer Session by “Chongai Youjia” Team Members

Presentation of Model Conclusions by “Chongai Youjia” Team Members

       The competition made a deep impression on JISU’s students. Later, Yang Dehao, the team leader of Houlai Zhaguo said, “it’s a great honor to be able to make achievements on behalf of Jilin Province and advance to the national competition, which is inseparable from the efforts of the team members and the full support of the school teachers. This is not only an affirmation of our efforts in this period, but also a new challenge. We will work harder on it to perform better in the national competition.” Yang Xu, the team leader of “Chongai Youjia” reflected, “through this competition, I realized that if I want to accomplish good market research, I need not only knowledge and ability, but also the cooperation and support of team members.” Wang Di, the team leader of “Qing Mu Yang” said, “striving to be the best is the belief of all our members in the competition. Thanks to this competition, we all reaped many benefits.”

The instructors said that the competition had a positive impact on the contestants in terms of both professionalism and comprehensive quality. This greatly stimulated the students' enthusiasm for research and practice, and trained the students to combine theory and practice as well as integrate statistical modeling methods into real market research. It is a valuable platform to apply professional knowledge and skills to research practice. This platform also provides cooperation opportunities for students of various majors. The teaching staff from the International School of Business will take this competition as an opportunity to strengthen the cultivation of students' core competitiveness by combining theory and practice, and integrating talent cultivation with investigation and practice, so as to provide more application-oriented high-quality talents for society and enterprises.

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