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“Start Your Business in Jilin” Special Job Fair for 2021 Graduates of JISU Held Online
May 19, 2021 10:47 AM   审核人:

Source: Admission and Employment Office

On May 19th, a special job fair was held online for 2021 JISU graduates with the theme of starting a business and getting employed in Jilin Province. A total of 125 enterprises participated in the fair. The different types of businesses that were presented covered everything from automobiles, cross-border e-commerce, education, equipment manufacturing, medicine and other advantageous industries in the province. The job fair allowed students a choice of about 7,500 jobs to meet the employment needs of graduates and help them to develop in Jilin Province.

Wang Xueyang, a recent graduate majoring in TCSOL(Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages), attending the online job fair under the guidance of her teacher.

“Although Im not a local, Jilin Province is my second hometown where I have studied and lived for four years. I feel very grateful to be able to work here.” said Wang Yuxin, a recent graduate majoring in marketing, who is looking for a job in the field of online education. “The online education industry has a large market demand and a good development prospect. I wish I could find a suitable position to work in earnest to accumulate experience so that I can have a better future.”

Wang Xueyang and Song Yanjun, both recent graduates of Chinese International Education major, believe that to actively show their own advantages, self-confident attitude, strong language expression ability and quick thinking ability are all necessary skills and qualities for job hunting.

“Employment information sessions and online double selection sessions held by JISU as well as timely career guidance from counselors are very helpful to our graduates. However, if we want to succeed in job hunting, we need to have an accurate understanding of ourselves.” Wang Xueyang and Song Yanjun, two graduates of TCSOL said, “It is also essential to take the initiative to show our advantages with confidence attitude, strong language expression ability and quick thinking ability.”

It is a critical period for graduates to seek jobs. In order to promote the smooth transition from graduation into the early employment of college graduates, the University actively responded to the call of the Ministry of Education to hold the 2021 Graduate Employment Promotion Week, and launched three series of activities, including campus lecture, double election and employment education. With the view of assisting each college to get along well with the employment work of graduates, the school leaders and the staff in the Admission and Employment Office carried out a forum on the employment work. They provided a thorough investigation, discussed and implemented strategies for the problems existing in the employment work. At the same time, in order to fully implement the spirit of secretary Jing Junhais report meeting of Starting a business in Jilin and Assist Jilins revitalization and development in the new era, the school rolled out evening class meeting activities in all grades. These meetings promoted employment education, publicized the relevant policies and helped students understand the employment situation and environment. Such activities as typical employment interviews, graduate exchange meetings, employment promotion meetings are all contributed to create a strong atmosphere for graduates to get employed Province and contribute to the local development of Jilin Province.

It is reported that during the 2021 Graduate Employment Promotion Week, the University plans to organize thirteen Enterprise Recruitment Presentation to provide personalized job recommendation services for graduates. At the same time, JISU will further strengthen the communication and cooperation with potential employers, gather all forces to promote graduates employment and entrepreneurship in Jilin Province, provide proactive guidance to graduates to commit themselves to the cause of national modernization, construction, and make due contributions to the comprehensive revitalization and development of Jilin province in the new era.

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