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JISU Holds May 4th Long-distance Running
May 4, 2021 05:10 PM   审核人:

Source: Physical Education Department

On the afternoon of April 28, 2021, the activity “Sunshine Sports --- May 4th Long-distance Running” was held at the stadium of Jilin International Studies University.

This activity was jointly organized by the Student Affairs Office, the Youth League Committee and the Physical Education Department. Two hundred students from ten colleges participated in the competition and rushed to the final line with vigor. After fierce competition, the School of International Business took home first place holding the highest total score for their team. The School of Western Languages held the second place and the School of Oriental Languages received the third place. Lv Pengke, a student from the School of International Business, and Zhou Jin, a student from the School of International Cultural and Tourism, won first place in the mens group and the womens group respectively.

The men’s group competition.

The women’s group competition.

The Physical Education Department and the Sports Sector of the Youth League Committee were in charge of the organization and refereeing of this event. Fair refereeing and careful organization by both students and teachers made the whole competition run smoothly.

Long-distance running plays a positive role in cultivating students sense of collectivism and enriching campus cultural life, which also fully displays the integration of physical education in and out of classroom at JISU. Moving forward, our university will continue to carry out a variety of sports activities to promote the development of students in physical and mental health.

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