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Ten More Included in Provincial Open Courses
Apr 29, 2021 10:07 AM   News Center 审核人:

Recently, the Education Department of Jilin Province announced the list of 2020 excellent online open courses for undergraduate universities in Jilin Province. Among the chosen were ten courses from JISU. Up to now, there are twelve excellent provincial-level online open courses from JISU in total.

These ten selected courses include: Comprehensive English Course IV by Li Xiaolin from the School of English, International Trade (English) by Wang Jianhui, English Writing by Zhao Xiangyu, Comprehensive English Course II by Zhang Lin, Elementary Comprehensive Korean II by Sheng Hui, Elementary Japanese 1 by Yingshi, International Trade by Xue Xue from the School of International Business, Strategic Management by Zhao Zixiang, Practical Russian Grammar I-IV by Zhang Wei from the School of Central and Eastern European Languages, and Comprehensive French Intermediate II by Zhao Binbin from the School of Western Languages.

In recent years, JISU has actively promoted the construction of online open courses. We adhere to the principle of applicability with the construction and application of online open courses as the starting point, to further the advances of reform in classroom teaching, to optimize the reconstruction of course content and system, and constantly deepen the integration of information technology and education & teaching to improve the cultivation of talents.

In the next step, JISU will continue to focus on the constructive objectives of online open courses put into place by the Ministry of Education and Jilin Province, to give full play to the advantages of disciplines and professional as well as modern educational technology, and to build online open courses with high-quality on teaching content and sound effects. We will continually make steps to improve teachers information literacy and their abilities of information technology to develop teaching, so as to rise up the level of education and cultivation of the talents.

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