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2021 The 1st Scholars Academic Salon International Held At JISU
Apr 27, 2021 02:24 PM   审核人:

Source: International Exchange and Cooperation Office and

the School of Central and Eastern European Languages

On April 23, 2021 The 1st Scholars Academic Salon International was held  online at JISU. The salon is jointly organized by Jilin International Studies University (JISU) and Ural State Pedagogical University (USPU) in Russia. Gao Fenglan (dean of the School of Central and Eastern European Languages), Zhou Shujuan (executive dean), Dong Guangcai (director of International Exchange and Cooperation Office), all the Russian Department teacher, professors E.B.Dziuba Elena Vyacheslavovna and C.A.Eremina Svetlana Aleksandrovna, and teachers and students of USPU all participated in the salon.

With the theme of “Mutual Learning between the Chinese and Russian Language and Culture”, the Salon was held to exchange and discuss issues, including the interaction of languages and cultures between China and Russia and its influence on Russian teaching.

Gao Fenglan delivered an opening speech and emphasized the significance of  mutual learning of language and culture for Russian teaching and Russian-Chinese translation. Zhou Shujuan presided over the salon.

Zhou Shujuan gave a keynote talk on Mutual Learning of MTI Students’ Translation Ability Cultivation and put forward teaching suggestions for cultivating students’ translation ability under the framework of classroom teaching. His work  has been highly recognized by Russian scholars. Professor E.B.Dziuba Elena Vyacheslavovna shared the teaching experience of Russian writing with the Chinese student online participants. Professor C.A.Eremina Svetlana Aleksandrovna explored the topic of Russian teaching as a second language in extracurricular activities. C.A.Eremina Svetlana Aleksandrovna, a Russian language teacher of JISU, and Chinese teachers of the Russian Department successively shared their teaching experiences and research results from Russian teaching and cultural exchanges with Russian teachers. Chinese and Russian teachers also had a lively discussion on the guarantee of online teaching quality, resource sharing channels, etc.

Online Communication and Discussion between Chinese and Russian Language Teachers

A key brand project of JISU is to promote the building of international scientific research cooperation platform and “highland of scientific research” during the 14th Five-Year Plan (2021-25)”. To accomplish this, a series of activities of Scholars Academic Salon International are important measures for implementing the Open Jilin Assistance Project (projects assisting Jilin’s openness) through international exchanges and cooperation, which strengthen and improve the academic abilities of teachers and students in JISU. The academic salon is planned to be held annually. International and domestic well-known scholars as well as senior professors and experts from foreign universities are invited to conduct academic exchanges on special subjects and build an academic research platform to promote international cooperation and exchanges on scientific research between teachers and students. Furthermore, they will enhance the overall academic levels on scientific research in JISU and USPU.

The success of The 1st Scholars Academic Salon International provides an exciting and positive opportunity for Chinese and Russian scholars to conduct interflow and mutual learning on language and culture. It not only promotes the in-depth cooperation between JISU and USPU in the fields of teaching and scientific research, but also breaks new ground for the brand building of the “Scholars Academic Salon International” along with international scientific research cooperation during the 14th Five-Year Plan (2021-25).


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