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JISU Reaches Top in the Ranking of Chinese Private Universities in 2021
Apr 26, 2021 10:56 AM   News Center 审核人:

On April 26, the Shanghai Ranking Consultancy, a professional institution of higher education evaluation, officially released a list of the “Best Chinese Universities Ranking in 2021”. A total of 192 universities are listed in the Ranking of Chinese Private Universities in 2021, with Jilin International Studies University ranking first. Up to now, JISU has held the first position in the list of Chinese Private Universities Rankings for the past two consecutive years.

More than 1,200 undergraduate colleges and universities were involved in “Best Chinese Universities Rankings in 2021”. The universities were divided into different groups: comprehensive universities, seven categories of single-subject universities and three categories of non-public universities by Ranking. This is to ensure that each university is able to showcase their differences in the nature and types of universities and ensure its fairness, and then differentiated index system was adopted for the rank. Best Chinese Universities Ranking is regarded as the three-dimensional monitoring evaluation to the education level of Chinese universities. Its evaluation system derives from the visualized evaluation platform, a patent technology of independent research and development, relying on the data support of University 360 Degree Data Monitoring Platform to set up ten evaluation modules and thirty-five evaluation dimensions with over one hundred indexes embedded and hundreds of variables involved.

The two most important characteristics of the Ranking index system placed great importance in talent training and an emphasis on contribution to our country. In response to the requirement to the educational reform and education evaluation of higher education in the new period and to build an evaluation system with the realities of China and world levels, “Best Chinese Universities Ranking in 2021” was optimized and innovated on the basis of learning the related national policies thoroughly, actively listening to advice from experts and sufficient study and discussion.

Since its first release in 2015, Best Chinese Universities Ranking, formerly known as Best Universities Ranking in China, has won wide attention and recognition in and out of the higher education field with its professional advantages, objective evaluation and transparency. It has become a leading brand in Chinese universities rankings with significant social influence and authoritative reference value.

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