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Sutrevia Awarded the “Excellent Foreign Student of the Chinese Government” in 2020
Mar 12, 2021 10:34 AM   Schoolof InternationalExchange 审核人:

The latest nomination on March 12th  for the “Excellent Foreign Student of the Chinese Government” in 2020 has been announced. Sutrevia, an undergraduate foreign student from Indonesia has won the honor.

“Excellent Foreign Student of the Chinese Government” award was founded by Ministry of Education. After recommendations from all colleges and universities, the winner list is confirmed by the expert panel designated by Ministry of Education based on the candidates’ academic achievements, capacity of scientific research and performance in China. The award is highly competitive, and, is one of the greatest honors granted by the Chinese government to foreign students.

Sutrevia participating “Study in China: International Students Reciting & Dubbing Competition”

Sutrevia is an undergraduate of the year 2018 majoring in Tourism Management. Shes quite industrious and has achieved great scholastic accomplishments. Whats more, she has already actively participated in various recreational and sports activities at our school. Thus, she has received dozens of honors, including the third place of Study in China: International Students Reciting & Dubbing Competitionheld by Jilin Province Association for International Education, a third prize of Jilin Da Renan activity where international students answer questions and win Prizes held by the Education Department of Jilin Province, the Excellence Award of International Children’s Book Day “Reciting Respects No Abroad: Listening to the Voice from the World” held by the Changchun Library, the first prize of “Telling Chinese Stories” Chinese-Foreign Speech Contest, and the first prize atThe Fourth International Students’ Poetry Recitation Appreciation Contest by Jilin International Studies University etc.

Sutrevias snapshot at JISU

Sutrevia said, “I come to JISU as an international student funded by the ‘Silk Road’ scholarship program. I wish to show my gratitude to the Chinese government for offering me the opportunity to study here in China. It’s not only a turning point in my life, but also a starting point of my dream. In the past three years, I have acquired professional knowledge in this beautiful university, participated in cultural activities, and felt the unique charm of Chinese culture. With the patient guidance and help of the teachers in this university, I have gained much progress. In the future, I will continue to study hard to make my own contribution for promoting the cultural exchange between China and India.”

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