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JISU Launches the Practical Teaching to Strengthen the Connotation Construction of the New Liberal Arts
Oct 14, 2020 11:04 AM   审核人:

Source: School of International Art

On October 14th, the opening ceremony of the practical teaching activity The Approaches To The Global Village was held in the Chinese section of the Global Village, a center of the international language and cultural practice and teaching. Liao Anyong, assistant to the President, Xi Chunyou, Dean of the School of International Art Fang Yong, Dean of the School of International Communication, Ren Zhuojun, Director of the International Language and Culture Practice Teaching Center, and other relevant personnel attended the ceremony. Teachers, along with The Art of Broadcasting and Hosting and Network and New Media major students also participated in this ceremony.

Xi Chunyou, the Dean of the School of International Art

Fang Yong, the Dean of the School of International Communication

Xi Chunyou and Fang Yong delivered speeches to introduce the purpose of the practical teaching activity and the significance of promoting the construction of new liberal arts. In order to achieve the school's application-oriented, compound-oriented and export-oriented talent training goals, both the School of International Art and the School of International Communication worked together to plan The Approaches To The Global Village based on their academic features and advantages. They also worked together to create branded and characteristic professional practice activities, highlight the international teaching model of "professional + foreign language", and realize the integration of theory teaching and practical teaching. This program, taking the Global Village as the major subject, is designed to represent diverse culture, art, food, and other features in other countries in the world by telling the stories about Global Village both in English and Chinese. Through this way, the activity will fully embody the teaching model that "exposes students, through a variety of cultural and linguistic activities, to languages and cultures of various nations."

The Approaches To The Global Village, based on the student creation team and supplemented by the teacher guidance team, serves as the first attempt to achieve the integration of cross-curricular interests under the guidance of the construction concept of new liberal arts, and the effective test for the two colleges on their teaching achievements. In addition to the production of feature documentaries, students of related majors will also carry out literary creation, a new media push, short video production, and other professional activities focusing on the themes of the Global Village. The documentary shooting work will be fully attended and guided by the professional filming team of the Jilin TV Station and the Jilin Academy of Arts. These will all build a powerful platform for professional learning, communication, and skill to allow for greater practice for our students.

The students clapped warmly.

This activity greatly inspired the students' enthusiasm for professional learning. "I’ve always been looking forward to having such a practical opportunity like this. I believe it will help us improve the practical ability and and knowledge," Zhang Jingxuan, a student who majors in Broadcasting and Hosting at the School of International Art said excitedly. After the meeting, she participated in the group discussion and learned more about the filming project. Guan Shimeng, a student who majors in Internet and New Media at the School of International Communication, said "We should not only consolidate our professional foundation, but also apply the theory into practice. This project, The Approaches To The Global Village, could effectively broaden our learning approaches and enhance our learning initiative. We hope that with the joint efforts of our two colleges, we can show the charm of the Global Village in a better way."

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