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JISU Holds an Online Commencement for 2020 Graduates of Finance (Sino-foreign Joint School Operation) in the US
Jul 13, 2020 10:31 AM   International Exchange Office 审核人:

At eight o’clock on June 11th, Eastern Time, an online graduation ceremony for 2020 graduates of Finance, a major jointly established by JISU and NJCU, was held in The United States of America. Leaders from the International Exchange and Cooperation Office and the School of International Economics and Trade of JISU attended the ceremony.

The Finance (Chinese-foreign cooperatively-running) major, which was approved by the Ministry of Education in 2015, is a joint program between JISU and NJCU. The program has started enrolling students since 2016, adopting the “3+1” school model, namely, a three-year study at JISU followed by the one-year study at NJCU. After passing the course assessments, students will be awarded a Bachelor’s degree from both universities. A total of seventeen students in the 2017 class of the program have successfully completed the one-year study abroad, passed the examinations, and been awarded a Bachelor's degree in American Finance. As the representative of the first graduates of this program, Zhu Huiyu, a student of International Finance class 1602, made a speech at the ceremony.

The Sino-foreign joint school project has played an active role in introducing high-quality foreign educational resources to JISU, improving the quality of international training, and strengthening JISU’s ability to provide social services.

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