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Teaching Development Center Fully Helps Online Teaching
Feb 25, 2020 10:10 AM   审核人:

Teaching Development Center

To help teachers prepare for online teaching, the Teaching Development Center proactively communicates with teachers to learn about their needs. According to the teachers’ feedback, the Center carefully creates materials to help them.

Ⅰ. A Manual for JISU Online Teaching is Compiled and Released

In order to implement the deployment of online teaching during the deferred start of the semester, the Teaching Development Center compiled A Manual for JISU Online Teaching, which summarizes key points of online teaching into eight steps. The Manual explained the eight steps in detail: determining teaching goals, designing teaching content and hours, preparing teaching materials, establishing course resources, choosing teaching platforms or approaches, teaching design and organization, teaching evaluation and teaching reflection.

Ⅱ. “Suspension of Class, Nonstop Study—Learning Resource Packages for JISU Teachers” are Formulated and Published

The Center collects high-quality online resources and combines them with the actual needs of teachers’ online teaching to make resource packages from topics such as teaching ideas, online teaching platform operations, micro-lecture video production, related tool usage methods, and teaching and research. Teachers can directly get the required resources in accordance with their actual needs.

Ⅲ. Exerting the main role of teachers, living and demonstrating online teaching

The Center invited experienced teachers for online teaching, combining discipline features with the needs of teachers to formulate an online teaching video as a demonstration for other teachers. At present, Wei Shenli, a teacher of Education School, demonstrated how to use Dingding to teach online. Next, there will be more experienced teachers providing online teaching guidance in varied aspects.

Besides, the Center continuously pays dynamic attention to various training resources and posts quality resources on Wechat and QQ groups to fully facilitate online teaching for teachers.

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