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Overseas Students from JISU Cheer China on
Feb 15, 2020 10:31 AM   News Center 审核人:

With a heart of great hope, JISU prioritizes the health of all faculty and students in these tremulous times.

JISU has followed the regulations set by the government while also taking into consideration the situation of all international teachers and students. The School of International Exchange and the International Exchange and Cooperation Office worked together to establish a team coronavirus to help the international teachers and students stay safe and healthy. They keep their phones on 24 hours a day, give reports on real-time disease information, provide multi-language brochures on the prevention and control of the virus, and even give tips for online shopping. They do this in hopes of making a difference and with a heart of coming alongside students and faculty members they deeply care about.

JISU also keep constant contact with the international students and teachers staying in China to know where they are and how they are doing so as to provide help for them to whenever needed. After Wuhan started limiting the inflow and outflow of people, three Indonesian students were still in the city. Staff from the School of International Exchange communicated with the students online every day to ease their worries and contacted the Indonesian Embassy immediately. Now the three students have returned to their countries safely.

For the two overseas students who are still at JISU, their situations have been arranged for optimal safety and well-being in the dormitory. In order to further protect the health of the students, the school established a series of dorm-rules, which include some suggestions such as taking one’s temperature every day and wearing a mask outdoor, as well as establishing of an entrance guard to register and take the students’ temperatures. At the same time, in order to keep a clean and healthy environment, ventilations and disinfections have been carried out regularly. President Qin He also visited the international students and expressed her care for their living conditions. The logistics service center provides the students with high-quality vegetables and fruits to supply them with the best nutrition possible. Teachers of the School of International Exchanges also communicate with the students daily and help them with taking online courses and encourage them and be a caring presence in an isolating time.

The international teachers and students said that they are very satisfied with all the arrangements and efforts made by JISU and are full of confidence in finding victory in this fight against the virus.

Youliya, a Russian international student, cheers China on

Many international students also sent blessing videos and pictures from Russia, Indonesia, Morocco, South Korea and other places. They are full of confidence in China's victory over the virus. Jidi, a JISU undergraduate from Indonesia, said: "China is now going through a difficult time, but you are not alone. Our Indonesian friends will work with you and everything will be fine. I hope I can return to the beautiful city of Changchun in spring! Come on Wuhan, come on China! "


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