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2019 JISU Commencement & Degree Conferment Ceremony Is Held
Jun 20, 2019 11:36 AM   Press Center 审核人:

The 2019 Commencement Ceremony of Jilin International Studies University was held in the school’s gymnasium on the morning of June 19th.

As the national anthem played, all the graduates in their academic gowns stood up solemnly, holding their heads high, their eyes filled with expectation. In the presence of teachers and parents, they were about to set out on a new journey.

At the rostrum were seated President Qin He among other notable school leaders, members of the academic degree evaluation committee, foreign experts and representative teachers. Liao Anyong, the president’s assistant, and Vice President Huang Jiying read the degrees to be conferred and the names of those to be awarded degrees with honors. The University was ready to confer bachelor degrees to Shi Meidi and 2153 other graduates as well as master’s degrees to Chen Biyao and 184 other M.A. graduates. The theses written by Huang Han and 75 other students had been rated as “Excellent Graduation Theses.” Fu Bingying and 79 other students were honored as “Excellent Graduates.” Among all of the graduates in 2019, 21 were overseas students, who earned master’s degrees, Yue Liang from Kyrgyzstan and Hu Yiyang from Tajikistan included,.

President Qin He tidied up the caps for the graduates’ representatives and awarded the academic degrees.

Leaders of the university and its departments awarded the certificates and souvenirs to students who had won the honors of “Excellent Graduation Thesis” and excellent graduates.

Wu Yi, a representative of the graduates who majored in English media hosting, delivered a speech. Zhou Yixi, a student studying international human resources in the School of International Business Administration, also gave a speech. And Chen Cunjun, dean of the School of Translation and Interpreting delivered a speech on behalf of the teachers.

Parents attending the commencement is a strong tradition at JISU. Si Hua, father of Si Xiyu who majored in E-commerce in the School of International Economics and Trade, delivered a speech on behalf of the graduates’ parents. He was the Project Assistant Chief Engineer of Jilin Electricity Transmission and Distribution Engineering Co., Ltd. He said: “We parents are proud that our children studied at such a great university, and are amazed at President Qin He’s devotion to the students and the public. Our children have grown so much and made considerable achievements over the past four years. Thank you, JISU! And thank you, to all of the teachers, for nurturing them earnestly, for your selfless devotion to educating them, and for preparing them well for the next part of their lives.”

President Qin He delivered a cheerful speech. She started by congratulating the 2019 graduates for being the first graduates of the recently renamed “Jilin International Studies University,” having fulfilled the requirements for their degrees, and for embarking on a new journey in pursuit of their dreams. Then she pointed out that JISU has stayed true to its purpose of providing internationalized schooling characterized by a non-profit, application-orientation education. JISU boasts distinct characteristics and a rich and robust cultural heritage. It has become an important university in Jilin province, the only private university entitled to award master’s degrees, and the first private institution to be named a university in China. It could be asserted that the growth of JISU has borne witness to the rapid development of China's private higher education sector ever since the educational reforms. The university has become a national model for China’s private colleges and universities. And JISU is continuing to move forward, striding towards the great dream of becoming a university of centennial prestige.

President Qin He spoke highly of the graduates’ growth and progress. She said: “You have gone through thick and thin, sunshine and rain, during the past four years as you completed demanding courses. Each step forward was made possible by your hard work and talent. You are the pride of JISU! Cherrish the happy memories you have had at JISU for your entire life. These four years of college will be unforgettable for all of you. At your studies, volunteer activities, or national contests, you have shown the defining marks of JISU DNA. I am so proud of you!”

President Qin He then emphasized, “As part of the younger generation, you are blessed with golden opportunities to achieve success. You will also shoulder great responsibilities along the way. As the first JISU graduates, you must seize these opportunities and live up to your full potential to make great contributions to society.”

The President spoke about her expectations of them: Firstly, they should broaden their horizons and have lofty ideals and bear in mind the development of the country while making contributions to its growth. Secondly, they should be brave enough to shoulder responsibilities and be aware of their mission in life, be keen on acquiring new knowledge, work hard, go after the truth, pursue new experiences, and contribute to the development of the nation. Thirdly, they should continue to pursue a higher morality and refine their personality, always remembering that a good person is one with honesty, integrity, tolerance, and loyalty. She hopes that their young hearts will shine more and more in the years to come. Fourthly, she hopes that they will be persistent and resilient, always striving for the best while being conscientious, responsible, and dedicated. So long as they persevere and persist, success would be there in waiting.

“Success will always belong to those who work hard. That has been evident here at JISU. As you are about to turn the page to a new chapter of your life, bear in mind that life is not about competing with others; it’s about finding a better self. Lead a life of meaning by having convictions, dreams, and ambitions which lead to great contributions. Be responsible for your own life, bring honor to your alma mater, and serve the country and the world!” So President Qin said.

President Qin He’s speech was emotional, philosophical and meaningful. It brought about warm applause. The graduates listened attentively and bore her words in mind. Some said in excitement: “The President’s speech was all care and love for us. She gave us high recognition and showed the road for the days to come. And her care for and expectations of us will motivate us moving forward. We are so thankful for our dear President and our teachers. Thank you to JISU for providing a platform to grow and achieve great things. We shall work hard every minute and live up to JISU’s expectations. And with the JISU spirit, we will serve society and the country and strive to be JISU’s pride.”

The 2019 Commencement Ceremony concluded with the school song sung by all of the graduates. Afterward, the graduates vied to take photos with President Qin He, all the while shaking hands with her and hugging her.

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