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Notice of Deferred Spring Semester of 2020
Feb 12, 2020 05:38 PM   International Exchange Office



Notice of Deferred Spring Semester of 2020


Dear International Students,


Currently, Jilin Province has launched the First-level Response Mechanism for public health emergencies. The prevention and control of pneumonia caused by the new Coronavirus has become the top priority.

按照中国教育部、吉林省政府相关要求,我们遗憾地通知您,为防控疫情的需要,学校决定推迟 2020 年春季学期开学时间,具体开学时间和后续工作安排另行通知。

According to the unified arrangements of the PRC’s Ministry of Education and Provincial Government of Jilin, we regret to inform you that the opening date of the upcoming spring semester has been postponed to curb the epidemic until further notice.


All students are requested to not return to campus . The specific opening date will be emailed to you in advance once it is confirmed. Please also keep yourself updated with the notices on our admission website: http://en.jisu.edu.cn/ . Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.


Please let us know if you have any other plans, and we will secure a place for you. You’re still welcome to come to study in the future.


Wish you all the best.



International Office

Jilin International Studies University

February 12, 2020

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