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Regulation of Jilin Provincial Government Scholarship for International Students (Excerpt)
Nov 5, 2018 03:43 PM   审核人:

In order to further implement the principle of “expansion of recruitment, improvement of criterion, perfection of management and guarantee of quality,” Jilin Provincial Government Scholarship (Changbai Mountain Scholarship) is set up to attract more outstanding international students to study in the colleges and universities in Jilin Province in the hope of obtaining more foreign educational resources. The scholarship is helpful for our province to establish a good international image and create a more favorable environment for economic and social development. The scholarship is mainly used to subsidize outstanding international students and scholars who pursue their graduate education in colleges and universities in Jilin Province. The Provincial Education Department is responsible for the specific implementation and daily management of the scholarship. The applications, enrollment procedures, fund management and evaluation methods of the scholarship are stipulated as follows:

I. Application for the Scholarships

1. Application Requirements

(1). Applicants must be non-Chinese citizens in good health.

(2).Applicants must abide by the laws and regulations of the Chinese government and the rules and regulations of colleges and universities.

(3).Applicants must obtain a bachelor’s degree accredited by the Chinese Ministry of Education and be less than 35 years old.

(4).Applicants must have extraordinary academic performance and be recommended by two professors or associate professors.

(5). Applicants must not have won other types of Chinese Government Scholarships.

2. Application Procedure

International students can consult the relevant institutions in charge of dispatching students abroad, such as government sectors, Chinese embassies and consulates, or log into the website of relevant colleges and universities in Jilin Province for the enrollment of international student’s scholarship. The students shall submit a written application to the institutions of higher learning which have the qualification to enroll scholarship students. The application for scholarship is accepted once every academic year, and the application time is from January to April each year. In accordance with the admission standards for international graduate students and the qualifications of scholarship, all relevant colleges and universities shall accept the applications in a timely manner and report to the Provincial Education Department for examination and approval before May 15th every year.

3.  Application Materials (All materials shall be written in Chinese or English)

Applicant must truthfully fill in and submit the following materials:

(1).The original and duplicate document of The Application Form for International Students of Jilin Provincial Government Scholarship (printed by the Provincial Department of Education);

(2).Notarized certificates of the highest academic qualifications and academic transcripts; student certificate or incumbency certification respectively for undergraduates or employed applicants; documents in languages other than Chinese or English must be attached with notarized translations in Chinese or English;

(3).HSK’s transcript (according to the requirements of the admission colleges and universities);

(4).The original and duplicate document of Physical Examination Record for Foreigner (printed by Chinese health and quarantine departments);

(5). A learning or research plan in China (not less than 1,000 words);

(6). Recommendation letters written by two professors or associate professors from graduate institutions.
After the above-mentioned application materials are accepted by colleges and universities, they are submitted to the Provincial Education Department for examination and approval. The Provincial Education Department does not accept individual applications. All the application materials will not be returned, whether accepted or not.

II. Enrollment Institutions, Majors and Qualifications of Tutors

1.    Institutions

Institutions of higher learning with the right to grant master’s degrees in Jilin province

2.    Majors

Majors shall be suitable for international students to study.  The language used for foreign language guidance and learning shall be determined by the tutor.

3.     Qualifications of Tutors

(1).Professors capable of coaching postgraduates;

(2). Engagement in the research of international frontiers in this field;

(3).Proficient in using a foreign language to guide international students.

III. Admission Procedure

1.     Acceptance of the Application
International students shall submit written applications to the relevant colleges and universities which are supposed to conduct a comprehensive examination of the applicants’ materials and decide whether to accept the application for the scholarship according to the admission standards and the qualifications of the applicants. Any applicant, who fails to meet the relevant requirements of the scholarship qualifications or whose application materials are incomplete, is deemed to be disqualified.

2.     Accreditation

On the principle of fairness and impartiality, colleges and universities shall set up a working group for scholarship accreditation to assess the applicants’ qualifications according to the entrance criteria, and submit the pre-enrollment list of scholarship students to the Provincial Department of Education for final accreditation. Applicants who pass the final accreditation are officially enrolled as international students of the Jilin Provincial Government Scholarship.

3.    Admission and Notification

The Provincial Education Department will deliver the approved enrollment list and related materials to relevant colleges and universities before June 15theach year. Colleges and universities shall deliver the admission notice to the applicants before the end of June each year, and assist the scholarship students in going through the relevant admission procedures. The scholarship students shall apply for a study visa in China with a valid passport, The Application Form for Visa to China for Foreign Student (JW201), the Admission Notice and the Physical Examination Record for Foreigners. With the above documents, the enrolled applicants shall register in the colleges and universities in accordance with the relevant admission requirements. Those who fail to register on time shallask for approval for a delay to the relevant colleges and universities. Otherwise, the applicants’ names will be removed from the enrollment and the scholarship qualifications will be cancelled.

4.    Transfer of Major, School and Extension of Schooling

Generally, international scholarship students are not allowed to transfer majors, schools or extend schooling. Those who need to transfer their major, school or extend their study period because of special circumstances shall apply to the scholarship admission schools which are responsible for reporting the circumstances to the Provincial Education Department for approval. Otherwise, the students’ scholarship qualifications will be cancelled.

5.    Registration and Filing

After the scholarship students have registered, the relevant colleges and universities shall submit a copy of the list of scholarship students and the application materials to the Provincial Education Department within a month for the allocation of funds.

IV. Degree Awarding

The awarding of degrees through Jilin Provincial Government scholarship’s for international students shall be carried out by all institutions of higher learning in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Academic Degree Committee of the State Council on Tentative Rules for Awarding Chinese Degrees to International Students by Institutions of Higher Learning.

V. Management of Scholarship 

The scholarship shall be cancelled due to failure to register on time, departure without permission or absenteeism for more than one month. If a scholarship student is found to be suffering from a disease prohibited by Chinese law, his or her scholarship shall be cancelled and he or she shall immediately leave China and return home.

During the study period, scholarship students who are sick or have accidents shall be treated according to the relevant provisions of comprehensive insurance. Those who need to suspend schooling due to serious illness shall go back home for recuperation and cover their own travel expenses. With the approval of the school, the scholarship can be retained for up to one year, but the scholarship students’ living allowance will be suspended. The scholarship cannot be retained due to suspension caused by other reasons.

Scholarship students are supposed to cover their own expenses if they carry out experiments or internships beyond the school’s teaching plan.

The living allowances of scholarship students are granted by the admission colleges and universities from the date of enrollment. Freshmen registered before the 15th day of the month (including the 15thday) will be given full-month scholarship allowance; those registered after the 15thday will be given half-month scholarship allowance. The scholarship allowance will be granted until 15days after graduation. For those who suspend schooling, drop out or graduate, the scholarship allowance will be suspended the next month. Scholarship allowance is granted during the school holidays; scholarship students who fail to receive allowance due to absence from school during the holidays may be reimbursed after returning to school.

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