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Students Arrive Back At JISU to Start a New Chapter in the New Term
Mar 7, 2021 06:12 PM   News Center 审核人:

From March 6th to 7th, students began to return to campus to prepare for the new term. To guarantee the smoothness of studentsreturn to school, JISU rigorously implemented the guidance and related requirements on the beginning of the spring semester in 2021 and pandemic prevention and control work set by the Ministry of Education and the Education Department of Jilin Province. JISU formulated a strategy of epidemic prevention, control work and related emergency plans, and prepared well ahead of time for all tasks. These tasks included promoting epidemic prevention knowledge, disinfection-related measures on campus and others, and made the school-reopening based on Staggered Returningpolicy to ensure the safety of students.

At the safety passages set in the west and north gates of JISU, students could enter the campus only after procedures such as baggage disinfection, temperature checks, provincial health code scanning, students identification, and hand disinfection were completed.

Security Personnel Checking Students’ Temperature

Security Personnel Scanning the Jilin Health Code and Checking Identification  of Students

Faced with the upcoming study and life in the new term, students expressed their feelings of expectations and hope for the new term.

JISU, Im back!

Li Kunqiu, a German major from class 2001, said, everything in school makes me excited- the familiar campus, the little trail in my memory, the aroma wafting through the dinning hall when I pass by it, and warm sunshine after opening a dormitory door. I am back, JISU! Xu Xiaorui, a Spanish major from class 1802, said, I am very excited to return to school again after two months. I miss the responsible teachers, considerate friends, bright and clean classrooms, and the aromatic dining hall. It is a new term, with new beginnings. I hope I can achieve my goals of study and that everything goes well!Liu Yubo, an English major from class 1804, said, The strict and orderly checks before entering the school make us quite relieved. I am very happy to see my classmates again. I look forward to starting a new journey and gaining new experiences this term!

Cherish Campus Time and Start Anew

Zhang Yifei, a Primary Education major from class 1901, said, I finally returned to JISU. For me, it is my second home. During the winter vacation, our country and hometown have experienced many difficulties, so we would cherish the hard-fought campus life by enriching ourselves and welcoming the future!Wang Yingting, an Indonesian major from class 2001, said, I returned to the familiar school with expectation and memory. Spring marks the beginning of a new year. I will make unremitting efforts with full hope!Wu Buwei, a Translation major from class 1901, said, In the new year, our great plans and goals will be all realized in JISU one by one. We are destined to succeed in study, live a wonderful life, and accomplish excellent work in JISU in 2021!

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