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Institute of Winter Economy Established at JISU to Facilitate the High-quality Development of Winter Tourism
Feb 6, 2021 10:31 AM   审核人:

Source: Department of Scientific Research

On the morning of February 6, the Institute of Winter Economy of Jilin International Studies University was unveiled. The Institute will drive towards the development of high-quality winter tourism in Jilin Province as a goal. The institute is giving full play its advantages of application-oriented research and the participation in running a school for learning about other cultures worldwide, to actively provide support for Jilin Province. The hope is that this institute will help build a world-class winter tourist destination, as well as, a explore new territories of the development of winter economies throughout the world.

The basis of the high-level training for these application-oriented students is in foreign language and foreign affairs in Jilin Province. JISU always adheres to the school-running theory of, for the students to succeed in life and the educational philosophy of, being student-centered and providing the most responsible education to cultivate excellent talents for the construction of the Belt and Road Institute. The revitalization in all respects of Jilin Province is also another important factor that is part of the learning process. To further advance the construction of new liberal arts and innovate the modes of personnel training, the University, with the strong support of Jilin Province Department of Culture and Tourism, established the International School of Culture and Tourism (International School of Winter) and the International Institute of Winter Culture and Tourism in 2019. JISU adopted an operation mechanism that consists of, universities, research institutions, and enterprises, and introduced a mode of training the application-oriented personnel. (This program includes the following classes: winter tourism + English + minority languages.) Our school will build a cooperative education with other universities, government, industries and associations to vigorously cultivate tourism management talents so as to promote the deep integration of snow, ice and culture.

The task and goal proposed by Committee of the Communist Party of Jilin Province at the Recommendations of the Jilin Province for Formulating the 14th Five-Year Plan for Economic and Social Development and Long-Range Objectives through the Year 2035 is to create a world-class winter tourism destination by highlighting the development of winter tourism and ecotourism. The Institute, in accordance with this recommendation, will jointly integrate the researchers studying winter economies both at home and abroad. The research will continue inside and outside Jilin Province in order to enhance the winter economy development in Jilin Province, northeastern China, and even the whole country. The comparative study of major winter tourism areas in the world and winter economic development, will investigate the construction of international cooperation mechanisms of winter in Northeast Asia, build the think-bank of international winter development and information center (database), and conduct academic exchanges about winter throughout the world. This study will also cultivate talents related to winter industry. By learning about other cultures in winter, we can build a think-tank for researching winter economic developments with first-class level in China, which will have a great influence on the world.

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