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JISU Holds Lecture on Standardization for “World Standards Day”
Oct 15, 2020 10:31 AM   审核人:

Source: Office of Academic Affairs

       Zhang Hongjie gave a thematic lecture on The Relationships Between Human’s Life and Standardization to the students of JISU. Zhang Hongjie is the Deputy Director of Standards at the Research Center of Jilin Provincial Institute of Standardizaion. On October 13, under the combined efforts of Jilin Provincial Department of Market Supervision, Jilin Provincial Institute of Standardization, and the Academic Affairs Office of JISU, JISU students celebrate World Standards Day. Liu Yanfeng, Vice President of Jilin Provincial Institute of Standardization, attended the lecture.

Zhang Hongjie introduced students to the basic concepts and classification of standardization, covering the knowledge of food safety, social and public management, technological innovation, industrial development, and international trade. She said that standardization is able to be used in many different situations: personal life, social and economic activities. Standards form the basis of a “good life”. She also expounded the significance of standardization to national development through the case of Huawei 5G Standard and National TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) Standard. She also called on students to pay more attention to environmental protection and other issues of the earth combined with the theme of World Standards Day in 2020Protecting the Planet with Standards.”

After the lecture, the students had a heated discussion with experts on education standardization and other issues. Students said that through the lecture, they not only learned about standardization, but also about their passions concerning social development and serving nationally. They have been greatly inspired.

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