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JISU Participates in the 11th International Education Summit
Jun 26, 2020 10:28 AM   审核人:

School of International Art

A few days ago, the 11th International Education Summit, hosted by the Chinese Consul General Education Group in St. Petersburg, Russia, was held online. Wang Zhiguo, Assistant Principal of JISU, Xi Chunyou, Dean of the School of International Art, and teacher Guo Tingjun attended the meeting. The Dean, Xi Chunyou, gave a speech on behalf of JISU.

Xi Chunyou, the Dean of the School of International Art gave a speech on behalf of JISU.

The theme of the summit was “Modern Teachers Sustainable Development System”. Sun Lailin, Education Consul of the Chinese Consulate General in St. Petersburg, Russia, attended the meeting, and Zhang Zhuli, Dean of the Confucius Institute in St. Petersburg, presided over the meeting. 67 participants from China, Russia, Germany, Belgium, Armenia, Belarus, etc. attended the meeting. The participants were leaders of national education management departments, school principals, pedagogical experts, Chinese-Russian Chinese teachers, and class representatives of the Confucius Institute.

The education representatives discussed: the teachers’ professional development system of primary and secondary schools; teaching methods, skills and means; successful experience of internal control and external supervision of teaching quality; current popular international teaching quality evaluation methods, introduction of various systems for improving teachers’ quality under the background of emphasizing the quality of teaching. Participants comprehensively explored and exchanged the latest achievements of educational diversification. This summit strongly enhanced the in-depth integration of education in various countries, and promoted diversified, personalized and international development of education.

Participants from JISU said that through communication, they can find differences in a wider field of vision while learning from each other’s strengths and weaknesses. This plays an active role in improving the level of education and teaching, strengthening the teachers’ teaching development, and promoting the process of running school internationally.

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