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Volunteers of JISU Are Working on the Front Line of Fighting the Coronavirus Disease
Feb 6, 2020 10:14 AM   Youth League Committee 审核人:

The novel coronavirus-infected pneumonia (NCIP) affects the lives of hundreds of millions of people. In recent days, more than 30 students from JISU volunteered themselves to join the front line of fighting the new coronavirus disease after the call of “Protect our beautiful home, prevent the disease” from the CYL of Jilin province。

After undergoing thorought raining and various preventative measures, volunteers gradually went to Jilin, Tonghua, Baishan, Siping, Songyuan, Gongzhuling and other places. Under the guidance of relevant departments, they effectively conduct their work, which ranges from preserving public order and taking people’s temperatures in public areas to doing community service and assisting medical investigations, from giving medical support and psychological counseling to transporting and distributing supplies.These JISU volunteers all agreed that they will do their best to curb the spread of the epidemic and win this drawn-out fight.

Ma Zhenning, a senior majoring in business English, is responsible for the recruitment and management of psychological counseling groups. He volunteered himself for training and service since January 27. He said, “If our country is in need, we youth should take responsibility. In the face of this epidemic situation, the volunteers of JISU made a great effort to join in the volunteer work, fully demonstrating the spirit of caring for public welfare that is prevalent at JISU, and making a great contribution to society, which deeply moved me. All of the volunteer of JISU will stick to our post and take practical action to help Jilin province and serve the motherland!

Volunteers inspect people in the cars entering Jilin province.

Du Chunsen is a freshman majoring in accounting. He lives in the Jilin city. After receiving the recruitment notice from the district government on January 26th, he quickly decided to joined the volunteer group. After completing training on January 29, he has been responsible for easuring people’s temperature and registering  people in cars entering Jilin through the Changji expressway. He said, “I think this voluntary work serves society and guards people’s safety. I will always diligently stick to this post and I believe that in the joint efforts of all of us, we will be able to win this war.”

Volunteer took online training in psychological counseling.

Li Siyuan, a junior majoring in preschool education, is a “Spirit Messenger” of JISU. She wanted to use her experience in counseling her peers to help others during this epidemic. On January 27, she became a youth volunteer of the Jilin Provincial Party Committee of the Communist Youth League for epidemic prevention. She is responsible for psychological counseling. During the pre-training, she realized that the university is very active in serving the community during this time, so she communicated with teachers from JISU's mental health education guidance center. Under the guidance of her supervisor, she wrote and released several articles including "Isolate the Virus but not Love" and “A Letter for the Spirit Messengers of JISU”, leading more than 500 "spirit messengers" to shoulder the heavy burden of fighting against the "epidemic" psychologically. She said: "Although I'm not a professional and I can't fight on the most dangerous front lines like health care workers, I hope that I can rely on my accumulated experience to do what I can to help those in need. The epidemic is still spreading, but I believe that spring is still coming and the flowers will soon bloom again. Come on, Wuhan! Come on, China! "



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