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JISU’s Students are Promoted into “Future Golden Microphones” National Final of National Host Contest
Oct 23, 2019 10:49 AM   School of Chinese 审核人:

On Oct 19, the Jilin Province Final of the National Host "Future Golden Microphones " contest for college students was held in Changchun Normal University. Under the guidance of teacher Liu Tingting, 10 JISU students from the Broadcasting & Hosting Art department participated in the contest. Six of these students were in the semi-finals, and four were promoted to the national finals. Liu Tingting was named "Outstanding Instructor in Jilin Division".

The "Future Golden Microphone Contest" is an important event hosted by Jiangsu Radio and Television General Station and Jiangsu Education Channel. It is committed to providing a platform for university students to discover a new generation of opinion leaders, as well as discover and train a new generation of broadcasters and TV hosts. This year's "Future Golden Microphone" contest passed the primary selection of colleges in the province through recommendations given by teachers. There was a total of 110 students that participated in the Jilin Province finals.

After two rounds of fierce competition, Fu Yang and Li Yuxuan, Broadcasting & Hosting Art majors of class 2018, and Xue Jiani and Li Haoyang of class 2019 were considered outstanding in the 36 divisions of Jilin. Because of this, they advanced to the national finals. In addition, Qiao Yichen, Lu Peilin, Wangjia sihan of class 2018 and Yang Beizhen, Ding Yaxuan, Xiao Chaoyun of class 2019 showed the professionalism and good appearance of JISU’s students, which was highly praised by the judges and the audience.

"To promote learning through activities and to promote growth through activities" is the training requirements of the Broadcasting & Hosting Art major. The teaching mode of "integration of teaching and competition" better stimulates the students' inner potential, and creates conditions for the realization of the goal of cultivating capable, confident and state-oriented broadcasting and hosting professionals.

Four players from JISU advanced to the national finals. Xue Jiani, Li Haoyang, Fu Yang, Li Yuxuan (From left to right)

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