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JISU Reaches the Intent of Cooperation with Embassies of the Three Countries along the Route of "One Belt And One Road"
Oct 23, 2019 10:41 AM   International Exchang Changee 审核人:

On Oct 16 and 17, the leaders of the Minister of Eastern Europe and Central Asia of the Foreign Affairs Office of Jilin Province as well as Director Ming Sheng and Vice President of JISU, Wang Jie, went to Beijing to participate in activities held by the Mongolian, Hungarian and Serbian Embassies. Their hope was to promote cooperation between JISU and the countries along the “Belt and Road”, as well as promote the professional construction of Mongolian, Hungarian and Serbian languages. During these meetings, they reached an agreement with the three embassies.

Vice President Wang Jie (Left 1) communicated with Khankhuyag (Right 1), Mongolia's ambassador to China.

On the evening of Oct 16, Wang Jie was, on behalf of JISU, invited to attend the “Reception to Commemorate the 70th Anniversary of Chinese-Mongolian Diplomatic Relations” held by the Mongolian Embassy. At the reception, Wang and Khankhuyag discussed the development of JISU and the construction of the Mongolian language. Khankhuyag said that the Mongolian Embassy will fully support the teaching and development of the Mongolian language major.

Vice President Wang Jie (Left 2) held talks with Szonja Andrea Buslig (Right 2), Counselor of Embassy of Hungarian.

On the morning of Oct 17, Wang met with the Hungarian Embassy and the Serbian Embassy. He received a warm reception from Szonja Andrea Buslig, the Economic Counselor of the Serbian Embassy, Marion Bozovichand and other officials. Wang Jie exchanged talks with the embassy officials of the two countries. The embassy officials of both countries highly agreed with JISU's operational and educational philosophy, and inquired in detail about the construction plan of the Hungarian and Serbian majors. They said that they will fully assist in the future professional construction, talent cultivation and international exchange of Hungarian and Serbian.

Photo of WangJie (Left 3) and Marjan Bozovic (Right 3)

The relevant personnel of the International Exchange and Cooperation Office of JISU also accompanied Wang during the visit. The visit further deepened the friendly relations between JISU and the embassies of Mongolia, Hungary and Serbia, strengthened exchanges and cooperation between the JISU and the countries along the “One Belt and Road”, which played an important role in diversifying the international exchange and cooperation projects and promoting the internationalized school-running process.

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