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JISU’s Students win the 2019 Jilin Student Badminton Championship
Oct 23, 2019 10:31 AM   Public Education School 审核人:

From Oct 18 to 21, the 2019 Jilin Student Badminton Championship was held in Changchun University of Technology. Under the guidance of coach Li Jinggang and Zuo Jingjiang, Director of Sports Department, JISU’s students won the women's team championship and refreshed the JISU history of the badminton team competition. In the single event, JISU’s players also won the women's doubles runner-up award and men's doubles fifth place.

Photo of JISU’s players

The championship was sponsored by the Education Department of Jilin Province and hosted by the Jilin Student Sports Federation. The event lasted for four days. The badminton team of JISU actively trained and prepared for the competition. On the playing field, they worked hard and showed the good spirit of JISU’s students. In the end, under the joint efforts of Xia Yuyin from class 1801 of the Art Education major, Chen Yiyi from class 1804 of the Business English major, Ouyang Jiaying from class 1903 of the Business Administration major, Luo Sinan from class 1601 of the Italian major, Gao Yixuan from class 1902 of the International German major, JISU won the women’s group team laurels. Xia Yuyin and Chen Jingyi won the women's doubles runner-up award. Sun Peiran from class 1601 of the International Economics and Trade major and graduate student Wang Hanning, from class 2019 of the Master of Education (Ideological and Political) Professional major won the fifth place in the men's doubles.

This competition effectively tests the physical education reform work of JISU. It has created conditions for accumulating competition experience and improving the professional level of the badminton athletes.


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