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President Qin He Delivered a Keynote Speech at the Fifteenth Sino-Japanese Seminar on Higher Education Exchange & the Fourth Forum of Sino-Japan University Alliance of Humanities Exchange
Jul 1, 2019 08:45 AM   News Center 审核人:

On June 30th, the fifteenth Sino-Japan Seminar on Higher Education Exchange and the 4th Forum of Sino-Japan University Alliance of Humanities Exchange was held on the Shinjuku Campus of J.F.Oberlin University in Japan. It was co-sponsored by the China Education Association for International Exchange (CEAIE), J.F.Oberlin University, and Sino-Japan University Alliance of Humanities Exchange.

Liu Limin, the president of CEAIE, Zhao Lingshan, the vice president and secretary general of CEAIE were important figures. Others who attended the conference included Hu Zhiping, Minister-counselor from the Education Office of the Japanese Embassy in China; Bai Gang, Executive Chairman of Sino-Japan Sino-Japan University Alliance of Humanities Exchange; Toyoshi Sato, Director General; and Hiroaki Hatayama, President of J.F. Oberlin University;Yoshiaki Terumichi, President of Sophia University; Shozaburo Sakai, President of Chuo University; and Daniel Habuki, President of Soka University. Over 100 people, who are leaders, experts, or scholars from more than twenty Chinese and Japanese universities including Beijing Normal University, East China Normal University, Dalian University of Technology, Shanghai International Studies University, Jilin International Studies University (JISU), J.F. Oberlin University, Sophia University and Hiroshima University, attended the meeting. JISU’s President, Qin He, was also invited to participate.


Group Photo of All Participants (Photo Provided by Japan)

The theme of meeting was “Macro Design of Sino-Japanese Exchange and Cooperation -- The Role of Higher Education from a Future Perspective”. Zhou Zuoyu, Vice President of Beijing Normal University, and Teiichi Sato, Distinguished Professor of J.F.Oberlin University and former vice minister of Ministry of Education & Science, respectively delivered speeches entitled “Jointly Creating the Future of Higher Education in Asia” and “The Future of University Exchanges between China and Japan -- from Competition to Cooperation”. President Qin He delivered a speech entitled “The Construction and Thinking of Undergraduate Courses under the New Situation” in the group’s discussion.

President Qin He said, “Undergraduate education, as the main way to cultivate high-quality professional talents is the pillar of higher education.” Designing a system of undergraduate courses that is scientific, reasonable and effective to make courses work well is of great significance to undergraduate education. Over the years, JISU, has focused on the cultivation of higher levels of practical, interdisciplinary, and international foreign language talents. JISU, has always concentrated on its students to become the most responsible educational institution. JISU has always been oriented toward students’ achievements, to respond to national strategies and regional development. This makes every effort to push forward the reform of talent training, building a curriculum system for cultivating undergraduate foreign language talents in the new era, and striving to form multilingual and interdisciplinary compound curriculum groups. JISU will continue to deepen the reform of education and teaching curriculum, guide the professional development of teachers, and promote the quality of education and teaching.

Since 2004, The Sino-Japanese Seminar on Higher Education Exchange has been co-sponsored by CEAIE and J.F. Oberlin University and held fifteen times alternately China and Japan.


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