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The Finals of the 5th "Internet +" College Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition of Jilin Province was held at JISU
Jul 28, 2019 08:45 AM   审核人:

On July 27th, the finals of the 5th "Internet +" College Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition of Jilin Province was held in "Shiqiao Hall", the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center of JISU.

The Exterior of Shiqiao Hall

Hosted by the Provincial Department of Education, the Provincial Committee, the Provincial Development and Reform Commission, the Provincial Department of Science and Technology, the Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, the Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security, the Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, the Provincial Network Office, the Provincial Foreign Affairs Office, and the Provincial Poverty Alleviation Office, the competition was organized by JISU. The theme of the competition was to "promote youthful dreams, encourage students to innovate, and work towards the nation’s revitalization and development". The aim was to promote learning and foster new talents for innovation and entrepreneurship, promote teaching and explore new ways of quality education, and promote innovation and establish a new platform to boost achievements transformation.

Since the start of the competition in April this year, 58 colleges and universities in the province have applied, accounting for a total of 17,247 entries and 65,466 students, double the number of participants from last year. The provincial finals are divided into the main track of the Higher Education, the "Youth Red Dreaming Tour" track, and the vocational education track. The 280 finals projects were judged according to their tracks.

Our school attaches great importance to this event. After two months of preparation, 5,067 students in the school applied for the competition, accounting for 1,689 of the projects. After the selection stages, a total of 45 project teams went on to participate in the provincial competition. In the end, through the provincial competition online evaluation, project road show and expert review, 6 projects won gold medals, 10 won silver medals, and 14 won bronze medals. Among them, five projects won gold medals in the main track: "Sanlian Agriculture - establishing a new mode of agricultural three-industries integration development", "Weifeng – the traditional service industry enabler", "Douding Self-care Experience Camp”, "Qingqiao Molian" and "Face-to-face Smart Campus Chain Restaurant". Impressively, "Sanlian Agriculture” ranked first in the gold medals of the main track. In addition, the project “Taimi Muyang” won the gold medal in the Qinghong Track (The "Youth Red Dreaming Tour" Track).

“Weifeng – the Traditional Service Industry Enabler” Team

"Sanlian Agriculture - Establishing a New Mode of Agricultural Three-industries Integration Development" Team

"Douding Self-care Experience Camp" Team


"Qingqiao Molian" Team


"Face-to-face Smart Campus Chain Restaurant" Team


“Taimi Muyang” Team

The competition was held in newly-built “Shiqiao Hall”, also known as the innovation and entrepreneurship center of JISU. The 8,000-square-meter Shiqiao Hall is a place where education, research, communication, and practical training are implemented. Through environmental and service innovation, JISU emphasizes using the best resources to educate students, and thus creating a unique “multilingual translation +” system.

By implementing models such as “Internet +” talent cultivation and “innovation and entrepreneurial talent offline space cultivation”, education in Shiqiao Hall integrates the acquisition of entrepreneurial knowledge with practical training, providing a deep understanding and command of entrepreneurship knowledge and skills.

Shiqiao Hall has also has a wall of famous entrepreneurial sayings, thus giving it its motto: “Zero Space – from goodness to excellence”. Each studio is named after the leaders of innovation and entrepreneurship from around the world. It is hoped that through such a cultural atmosphere, college students will continuously be motivated to innovate and pursue excellence.


The Interior of “Shiqiao Hall”


The Auditorium of “Shiqiao Hall”


The Studio of “Shiqiao Hall”

Shiqiao Hall is a crucial environment for cultivating innovative talents. The aim is to cultivate comprehensive "multilingual translation +" application-oriented and high-level talents with both international vision and national character. Simply put, the students will be better equipped to become excellent entrepreneurs.

In the future, “Shiqiao Hall” will be built into a multi-function base for high-level application-focused training, national innovation and entrepreneurial teachers training, Chinese and foreign innovation and entrepreneurship education, and innovative teaching research. This will promote the coordination and integration of new humanities disciplines, create new models of cross-disciplinary talent training, build an innovation and entrepreneurship education ecosystem, and create an international innovation and entrepreneurship environment with "multi-matrix integration".

Next, JISU will strengthen its construction of innovation and entrepreneurship facilities and integrate innovation and entrepreneurship education into the talent training system. The school will establish a better system of education based on creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship, creating a powerful new method for cultivating highly skilled professionals.




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