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Those Young People Who Work Hard Will Shine: Speech at the 2019 Commencement Ceremony
Jun 20, 2019 02:11 PM   News Center 审核人:


Dear faculty and parents, and dear students,

Good morning!

Today is a big day. It gives me great pleasure to see so many students in academic gowns, beaming with joy and confidence. You are the first bunch of graduates from Jilin International Studies University. Congratulations! You are going to embark on a new journey of pursuing grand dreams. I would also like to express my heartfelt gratitude to all the teachers and parents for your hard work and selfless devotion.

Time is the best witness of history.

In September, four years ago, you witnessed the celebration of the 20th anniversary of our university. Four years later, in May, you witnessed the unveiling ceremony of JISU. I believe all the teachers and students are as proud and touched today as you were on that day. The sense of responsibility and dream will continue to inspire all JISU members to forge ahead. Students, you are not only the participants and promoters of development of our university, but also the witnesses and beneficiaries. Over the past 24 years, our university has undergone many location changes, name changes, and has developed by leaps and bounds. It has made brilliant achievements, one after another, in the history of private education in China. In this process, by sticking to the advanced concept of running a school, our university has always adhered to a non-profit, application-oriented, high-quality, and international model. It has formed distinct school-functioning characteristics, accumulated a rich cultural heritage, and has become the first provincial key university, the only private university that awards master’s, and the first of its kind to be renamed as a university in the country. We would not have come this far without your dedication and hard work. It can be said that the development of JISU is the witness and epitome of the rapid development of China's private higher education since the reform and opening up, and has become a banner of the national private colleges and universities! Building on past achievements, JISU is striding toward the grand dream of becoming a century-old prestigious university.

Time has witnessed your growth and progress.

During the past four years, you finished a demanding course of study with flying colors. Every progress you have made is built on your hard work and talent. You are the pride of our school. The happy memories you have had at JISU will surely be cherished for a lifetime. Four years of college life is unforgettable for all of you. You have studied hard in libraries and learned cultural expertise; you have participated in volunteer service activities, which not only tempered your temperament, but also helped you win respect; you have achieved good results in various competitions, won a number of trophies and certificates, and your strengths and abilities have been enhanced. Whether in study, in volunteer activities, or in national contests, you have shown that you share the JISU DNA of dedication and contribution. I am so proud of you! JISU offers you a stage to grow up and you who have made JISU stand out.

One can only succeed by working hard. And opportunities will always favor those who work hard.

President Xi Jinping said: “In the new era, Chinese youth are in the best period of the development for the Chinese nation. You are faced with not only rare life opportunities for building a successful career, but also shoulder great responsibilities for society and for our country. Dear students, I have never seen an early riser, diligent, cautious, honest and strict person complain about fate. As the young generation, you are blessed with the golden opportunities to achieve your individual success and at the same time you also shoulder great responsibilities. As the first JISU graduates, you must cherish the opportunities and give full play to your potentials in order to make contributions to society.

Time flies. Four years have passed in the blink of an eye. As you are leaving your alma mater and heading for the new era of reform and opening, as your president and your teacher, I would like to talk about my expectations for you.

First, set up lofty ideals, for this will determine what kind of life you will lead. “Men must make up their minds, and those who make up their minds make achievements.” All successful people have great ambitions. When you have aspirations, you are invincible. At present, the world is experiencing unprecedented changes. The international situation is complicated, but the historical trend is unstoppable. China actively promotes world peace, building a community of a shared future, and is implementing the “Belt and Road” initiative. As China gains more representation and voice on the world stage, there is an increasing need for application-oriented talents with an international vision. This will provide a bigger platform for you to fulfill your dreams and realize your value. Be open-minded and be ambitious. Bear in mind the development of our country and make contributions to the development of our great nation.

Second, be brave enough to shoulder the responsibility and mission. You will soon leave this ivory tower and step into society, an even bigger yet more complicated university. In such an era, new things are emerging every single second. Informatization, digitalization, intellectualization, micro-media and big data are rapidly changing our learning, life and communication. You will see many new things brought by the rapid development of technologies and you will face many temptations. Therefore, I want to remind you that, however the world changes, you shall stay true to what is right. I hope that you will always be eager to learn new knowledge, work diligently, practice thinking, enrich your experience, increase your talents, dare to undertake the mission and responsibility, and play a positive role in the development of our nation.

Third, cultivate your morality and your character. To be a decent person, one must uphold morality, which is the standard for measuring a person’s comprehensive quality and the premise of great success. “Morality can be divided into two kinds: one is in wisdom, and the other is in action. The former is derived from learning and the latter from practice.” Every achievement should be based on moral character. Those who have great learning and can take on great undertakings must first fulfill one precondition, namely, to have a high degree of morality. Learn the foreign languages well. Be decent, be noble and be selfless. In the future, whether you are going to further your study or find a job, you shall always remember that you are Chinese. Gentlemen cultivate virtue through practicing thriftiness and a quiet state of mind. You should abide by social moralities, professional moralities, family virtues, and personal moralities. Always bear in mind that an excellent person should have the will and responsibility to be strict with himself or herself, abide by the rules, and possess the excellent qualities of honesty, integrity, tolerance, and loyalty. Only in this way can you go further and more correctly in your life journey! I hope that after many years, we will see you back on campus with a youthful mind.

Fourth, be resilient and always strive for the best. No achievement will be a walk in the park. Life will not be free from difficulties. In your future endeavors, whatever difficulties you encounter, do not be frightened. Believe that they are gifts. You should have the courage and confidence to overcome whatever difficulties or setbacks you encounter. By overcoming those difficulties and setbacks, you will gain experience and wisdom. Everything must be done in a down-to-earth way, and everything must be precise, strict, and legal. Work conscientiously, strive for excellence, and achieve extraordinary results in ordinary things. JISU graduates should have the ability to be serious, responsible, and dedicated. This is the JISU DNA! Remember that success depends not on wisdom, not on strength, but on perseverance, and on how long it lasts. The secret of success is to work harder than others on a daily basis. As the saying goes, “Dripping water can wear through stones”. As long as you are persistent and resilient, success awaits you.

Dear students, time flies, and once gone, it will not come back. Success will always belong to those who work tirelessly. That is also what we have done to run our university. As you are about to embark on a new journey, bear in mind that life is not about competing with others; rather it is about finding a better you. Lead a meaningful life by having good intentions, grand dreams and ambitions, and making contributions to society.

Dear students, you are our hope. Be responsible for your own life, and serve the country and the world with your whole heart and soul.

Today, we have to say goodbye. Yet, JISU will always be your home, and the teachers will always have your backs. We hope to see you back home soon!

Finally, I wish all the 2019 graduates a happy life and a bright future. Thank you!


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