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Postgraduate’s Remarks at “The 5th ICHSSR2019” Receives Praise
Apr 29, 2019 01:30 PM   the School of Education 审核人:

Gao Juan giving her remarks at the meeting

The 5th International Conference on Humanities and Social Sciences Research (ICHSSR2019) was held on April 26th to 28th in Guilin, Guangxi Province. Experts and scholars from over 100 colleges and universities home and abroad, and scientific research institutions, businessmen, and other relevant personnel exchanged their views at the conference. Gao Juan, a postgraduate majoring in Education Management, from the School of Education, JISU was invited to attend the conference. She gave a 15-minute English speech, which received great recognition and wide praise from experts present at the conference.

Mainly centered on humanities and social sciences research, this conference serves as a platform for experts and scholars engaged in humanities and social sciences to share multiple subjects, including the achievements of scientific research and advanced technologies, to know about the trends of academic development, to widen channels of research, to strengthen academic research, and to discuss and promote cooperation in the industrialization of academic achievements.

Gao Juan exchanging academic views with Dr. Mahmoud Alshawabkeh (from Jordan), National Defense University of Malaysia

The academic paper, Research on the Effective Mechanism of Risk Management in Private Schools, written by Gao Juan under the guidance of Professor Wang Jingying and Associate Professor Chen Jing, was accepted by the conference and published in the foreign journal, Advances in Social Science, Education and Humanities Research (ISSN 2352-5398). Meanwhile, it was collected and indexed by CPCI-SSH and CNKI.

This paper presents that many uncertainties and potential risks flare up in the process of management due to the uniqueness of private schools, and those risks pose a great threat to achieving long-term strategic goals as they hinder the growth rate of private schools at different degrees. The status quo of private schools’ internal risk management is analyzed. It also suggests that through improving the policy system of risk management and strengthening the awareness of risk prevention (which includes emphasizing people-centered management, building targeted models for risk management, broadening channels for financial support, creating effective evaluation systems for risk management, and taking other measures), the potential risks can be effectively avoided, and the occurrence rate of potential risks can be reduced. The paper provides an effective reference for private schools to realize their long-term strategic goals.

Group photo of Chinese and foreign experts with Gao Juan (the 2nd to the left)

This international conference means a lot to Gao Juan. She said, “It was not only a rare opportunity for me to know about the latest academic developments, but also a chance to present the study attitude and research achievements of the postgraduates of JISU. As a postgraduate in the new era, we need to be effectively engaged in independent, scientific research and hold the correct attitudes towards scientific research. After listening to academic reports given by the scholars and experts at conference, I realize that it is very important to develop the perspective on mathematical statistics in a scientific manner when doing scientific research. I hope I can broaden the scope and depth of my research, enable achievements made in scientific research to nurture education in turn, and serve the cause of education in a more effective way.” She also expressed her wholehearted gratitude toward JISU teachers for their tireless work. “It is the excellent teaching and studying atmosphere at JISU that made me develop good study habits and achieve such progress in less than a year of studying at JISU. In the future, I will work harder and keep moving on the long journey with perseverance and self-discipline.”

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